Fermenteria is the opportunity to take the restaurant in your own home.
It reflects an innovative way in the world of the food service industry that combines the tradition and the takeaway, with elements of the international cuisine using typical and territorial flavours. It is also a good place where you can have a relaxing lunch hour, where you can taste a good aperitif drink and have a casual dinner.


Fermenteria offers a different variety of organic and sustainable products, from coffees to wines, from cheeses and cold cuts to our pasta extruded through bronze. Fishes and meats are thoroughly selected in order to ensure the most unadulterated and high-quality territorial food ingredients to our customers.


Fermenteria is located in Via Campo Marzio, a stone’s throw from Ponte degli Alpini, the most popular symbol of Bassano del Grappa. The interior furniture is made of natural cedar wood and it is surrounded by the art of Liva Cuman’s intuitive painting. Inside this scenario the products are originally displayed in the showcase and creatively offered to our customers.



Our idea of ​​Take away is the occasion for anyone to be able to consume delicious, healthy and varied meals without having to dirty the kitchen, waste and optimize their time. A single pot of hot water is possible to regenerate together meat, fish and vegetables. Our vacuum packs and single portion therefore become the solution. Behind every package you can find the guidelines to regenerate our products like a chef!




We are two business people who have melted their skills in organic food and the craftsmanship in the processing of raw materials, in order to offer new sensations to the palate.

Nicola – 

Executive chef at “Room” in Bassano del Grappa and at “Borsa” in Vicenza, he achieved this experience after working for years in Giancarlo Perbellini’s kitchens in Verona, where he has skilled in different forms of food service industry from Tapas Bar to mediterranean dishes of fish. He has taken his first steps working in Splendido’s kitchens, a luxury five star Hotel in Portofino, and also working in the prestigious Melbourne Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club in Australia.

Saradevi –

She’s grown up in a close contact with nature, that gives her the opportunity to know the organoleptic properties of organic products from a young age, so that she can offer her experience in business and in selecting the raw materials in this new adventure. When you come inside Fermenteria she will be the first person that you meet and that guides you in the flavour’s trip offered by Chef Nicola.


Il Giornale di Vicenza / “Hotelier, former students talk about themeself”


L’Altopiano / Nicola and Saradevi and their restaurant. Something new in “Fermenteria”



Create your dishes at home by our vacuum-packed and single-portion proposals ready to heat!

Watch our videos to regenerate take away dishes.



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